Liber Secondus Exégèse

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The second act of the new cycle around the mysticism of the human psyche, based on the red book from Carl G. Jung.

After “Metempsychose” in 2017, it’s a new violent, decadent and tortured Black Metal act.


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Liber Secundus Exégèse

Second act of the new cycle around the mysticism of the human psyche and its metaphysical aspects.

Recorded and Mixed by Etienne Sarthou (Deliverance, AqME, End of Mankind…) & Mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions (Cult of Luna…).


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Liber Primus Metempsychose

Third album and first opus of a new cycle of 3 albums based on the Red Book of Carl Jung
Recorded at Hybreed Studio & Vamacara Studio. Mixed & Mastered at Vamacara Studio. WITH GUESTS JULIEN TRUCHAN FROM BENIGHTED & PSYCHO FROM ANTILIFE & Hats Barn.
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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”

Carl G. Jung


Prepare to confront your dark unconscious

After 2 albums based on the First World War, the band came back for the third album Metempsychose with a brand-new line-up (including members and ex members from The Negation, Insain, End of Mankind), a new theme, a radical hard line, and a new musical direction. The 4th Album, Exégèse, planned for april 2020 is the second part of the Liber novus trilogy.

The band’s concept is based on a mix of Carl Gustav Jung works and the deep, dark instincts of the human species. It explores the complexity of the human psyche and its metaphysical aspects, the archetypes of collective unconsciousness, and the process of individualisation responsible for the decadence of our civilisation. Each man has a fundamental evil side, a side that is longing to be expressed.

For the Metempsychose tour (more than 25 gigs), Azziard was with Marduk and Ragnarok for the Viktoria European tour 2018 in UK and Nederland. They played with Watain, Aura Noir, Der weg einer freiheit… for the Tyrant Fest 2018 and Dead Congregation, Antaeus… for the Winter rising fest 2018.

Azziard has played with many of the big names of extreme Metal, on tour or at festivals, and performed at HELLFEST 2014, TRIEL Open Air 2014, Black Metal is Rising, Ragnard Rock Festival…